Ahoy "Tha Old Sea Dogs!" an Mates  Welcome t' th' gather'n place o' th' crew o' th' Pirate ship Calypso. We have invaded Sebastian, Florida.  Here ye can g'n knowledge an' power. Learn  th' secrets o' th' "Brethren o' th' Coasts" an' other Buccaneer matters.   Were anchored down in Grant Fl. Turn towards the water on 1st and you'll see me ship near shore. Stop in an visit if ye have a mind to an see the progress of the New Ship being built.  So fair winds till we foul anchors again.  Home Page
$ The Pirate Ship Calypso $
Haunts of"The Brethren of the Coasts" Capt'n Daniel Red
Items of Interest

If ye didn't know it the Calypso be anchored off the Island just north of Grant Farm Island so be sure to stop n say hi to Capt. Red if you are in the area.

Displays o' fight'n an' other such swashbucklin skills will be resuming soon so check back later for more information.

We do be available fer Pirate Themed parties an' Treasure hunts for Adults & Kids. So if ye have a mind fer such , just give us a call to get your event scheduled.

Look in our gallery to see some o' the fun you could be having.

For more information Call

Capt'n Daniel Red at (321) 794-0727

Ahoy thar matey To make a monetary donation to the Calypso Maintenance fund please click on the donation button to the left. Your Donation will help keep the pirate ship in good condition. Continuous upkeep of such a vessel is costly and all donations no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.
Capt'n Red Thanks ye kindly.
Donations for Calypso Ship Only Not for events
Proud to be affiliated with the Make a Wish Foundation of Central Florida
Check out the Capt's Treasure Maps For sale on the Art Pages of this site.

Oh my whats this? A big contest brought to you by
The Pirate Ship Calypso
. The winner will receive a real
Two Reale Spanish Treasure coin with an approximate
value  between $450 to $750 US Dollars. Check out the
contest page on this site for details.

Grant's monthly Pirates by the Sea fast approaching. Be
sure to visit our FaceBook page to register if you will be
coming. It's being held Sunday, April 19 at 2:00pm

Upcoming Event John Levique Pirate Days see our Calendar & Face Book pages for Details. Runs March 8th - 10th.
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The Calypso Camp in Grant Fl 21 Feb 2015

For your edification and enjoyment we present
A Year in the Life of a Pirate by Capt James Black & Bloody Bea

Thanks to The Craic & Tom Mason for permission to use their music in our
Visit http://www.thecraicshow.com/ & http://tommason.net/
to show your support of the artists.


For more information
Call Capt'n Daniel Red at (321) 794-0727